Audiovisual Arts and Digital Photographic Image

Code: ΕΡ 181

Semester: 1


Maria Paschalidou

Teaching Assistants: Apostolos Kordas, Orestis Pangalos

Course description

This laboratory course introduces to Audiovisual Arts, their media and practices. Emphasis is placed on the philosophy of the audiovisual media and the ways in which they are intertwined with, and reshape notions such as time, motion, speed, image capture, composition and invention. The course concentrates on directed and staged imagery by examining its different genres and developing practices. It familiarises with basic techniques and concepts related to Image capture from its analogue to its digital version. Through appropriate assignments, students experiment with tools and various mechanisms of the digital photographic image, and acquire a view of the historical / technological development of the medium of photography, ensuring conditions for the creation and production of high-quality audiovisual results. Students get familiarized with digital editing processes and for the completion of the course they create artworks using the medium of photography with a focus on directed image and its digital manipulation.

Photographic Image Capture and Composition – Time – Motion – Speed – Staged imagery – Directing – Digital Still Image Processing



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