The Undergraduate Program in the Department of Culture and Creative Media and Industries takes four (4) years to complete. In the first three years, students attend mandatory Core, Laboratory and Elective courses. In the fourth year, they develop a thesis and work out on an internship.
The associate degree is calculated to European Credits (ECTS).

Course categories

A. Mandatory

Core Courses

Students must attend and successfully pass two (2) core courses in semesters 1-4. Core courses include also: The research work (7th semester) and the Dissertation (8th semester).

Laboratory Courses

Students must attend and successfully pass two (2) Laboratory courses in semesters 1-7. The Internship is also considered a Laboratory course (8th grade).

Foreign language Courses

Students must attend and successfully pass one (1) foreign language course in semesters 1-4. They can choose among the following languages: English, French, Italian and German.

B. Selection

Elective Courses

The elective courses provide further developing in areas of the students’ choices. A total of eleven (11) elective courses can be selected in semesters 1-7.

C. Thesis

The Thesis is mandatory and constitutes the completion of the undergraduate program of studies in the Department of Culture and Creative Media and Industries. The topics of Thesis fall within the cognitive subjects of the Department. Thesis can start from the seventh (7th) semester of studies and if the student has successfully attended courses with a total of 150 ECTS.

D. Internship

The Internship is mandatory, unscored and is implemented during the eighth (8th) semester and onwards. Students can undertake an internship upon successful completion of a total of 120 ECTS.

Pedagogical and Teaching Sufficiency

Students are required to have:

  • Successfully attend courses with the code “ΠΕ” [PE] of a total of 29 ECTS
  • Carry out an internship in institutions with educational content in order to complete a total of 12 ECTS


Undergraduate Studies Guide (in Greek / pdf)

Undergraduate Studies Regulation (in Greek / pdf)

Regulation for Doctoral Studies (in Greek / pdf)

Application for Doctoral Studies (in Greek)