Curatorial Practices and Visual arts

Code: ΕΡ 633

Semester: 6


Sotirios Bahtsetzis

Course description

This workshop focuses on curatorial thinking and practice. The workshop focuses on a methodical approach to the curatorial role organized in thematic units: a) writing a text of art criticism, b) writing a text of formal analysis of a work of art, c) curatorial design for the realization of exhibitions of contemporary art production.
The workshop focuses on the relationship between the works in an art exhibition using as tools the dynamics of proximity, comparison or contrast, the resulting meaningful correlations between works and the apt organization of the exhibits in the space. The workshop is based on lectures, visual exercises, literature research, and group discussions on specific case studies. The dynamics of curatorial work are ultimately explored as a field of research, collaboration, interaction, education and in the shaping of socio-political reality.


Suggested bibliography

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