Cultural Software: Conceptual and Content Design

Code: ΕΡ 584

Semester: 5


Ioulia Pentazou

Course description

During the laboratory course, students receive training in the creation of websites featuring cultural content. These websites may encompass museum platforms, portals showcasing educational programs, platforms addressing historical topics, or exhibitions of artistic works. On a daily basis, we interact with numerous websites that highlight cultural content.

  • How are these websites created?
  • What is the significance of content design?
  • Which steps are taken in the process of website design?
  • What is interactive storytelling or digital narration?
  • How can we develop multimedia texts?

The laboratory course is designed to present these inquiries and instruct students on the critical observation and analysis of websites focusing on cultural content. Nevertheless, its primary emphasis lies in equipping students with the skills to design websites featuring content suitable for cultural purposes through hands-on experimentation and research.




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