Culture and Digital Media

Code: ΕΠ 687

Semester: 6, 8


Ioulia Pentazou

Course description

The course investigates cutting-edge theoretical issues concerning the relationship between culture and digital technology. It explores topics related to the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), ranging from the vision of personal computing as a vast archive of knowledge to contemporary artificial intelligence. The aim of the course is to approach genealogical questions that occupy the modern individual in the digital condition:

– What does it mean to live and work in a digital environment?
– Will the ‘machine’ replace the ‘human’?
– What are the consequences that artificial intelligence will bring to everyday life and work?

The genealogical approach to these questions seeks to place them within a historical framework and highlight their connection to broader epistemological issues from different eras.

Throughout the course, students will undertake theoretical assignments related to the content of specific sections.


Suggested bibliography

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