Postindustrial Societies and Cultural Production

Code: ΕΠ 517

Semester: 5, 7


Sotirios Bahtsetzis

course description

Both civil society and the economy have irreversibly moved into the post-industrial era, which is characterised both by emerging technological innovations and by changes in the organisation of communities (inhabitants of a region), as well as symbiotic relations around new forms of economy (the commons, de-growth, localisation, multiple anthropological identities). The emergence of a new mode of production as well as creative media and industries, offers many people opportunities to escape from a mortgaged future of poverty, marginalisation, and ecological destruction.

This condition also changes the ways and practices of cultural production. Around the world, technology providers are collaborating with cultural organizations and their practitioners to create new experiences for audiences while exploring the limits of technology itself: digital technologies combined with crafts, ecological small-scale production, alternative artistic practices (art for social change and ecofeminism), and the empowerment of communities. In this way, post-industrial cultural production proposes cultural production practices as possible solutions to existing problems.

Students will develop their knowledge focusing on theoretical approaches, with emphasis on the critical review of basic theories and practices in the context of post-industrial cultural production both in Greece and internationally. Students will be exposed to a variety of practices with the aim of formulating research questions and developing their own and contextually relevant project as a final project.


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