Course Code: ΕΡ 853

Semester: 8

ECTS: 12

course description

The Internship is an effective method for students to contact and familiarize themselves with the objects of their possible future employment. Internships are off-campus experiential learning activities designed to provide students with opportunities to make connections between the theory and practice of academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment.


The Internship aims to achieve the students’ best integration into the field, immediately after the end of their studies. It will be supervised by a site supervisor in the hosting organization. Students can work for a period of two (2) months, in Greek and international organizations of the public and the private sector. The Internship is mandatory, without a grade and is implemented during the eighth (8th) semester and thereafter. Best practices suggest that all students and supervisors are required to complete a final evaluation as part of the course requirements. Students evaluate the work site and supervisors evaluate the student’s performance at the internship. They will compile the evaluations upon completion of the internship. The internship is implemented in collaboration with the career office and the internship office of the University of Thessaly