Expanded Uses of Audiovisual Media

Code: ΕΠ 689

Semester: 6, 8


Maria Paschalidou

Course description

Organized and divided into thematic sections, this elective course explores the relationship between politics and aesthetics in the audiovisual arts. Particularly, it studies uses of audiovisual media, which go beyond the limits of their traditional definition, whether it is photography, video, film, sound and/or animation. The course focuses on the ways in which an image is involved in the production of social meaning, blurring the boundaries between documentation and fiction. Within this context, the course examines practices and paradigms of artistic activism and self-biographical image that deconstruct categories of identity, such as gender, race, class, religious, national identity and physical condition. With emphasis on the intermediate expression and the interdisciplinary collaborations, the course aims to enhance critical and imaginative thinking. Students are invited to create and design intermedia projects, in the form of a video, photographic series, sound work and/or spatial audiovisual installation.

Course Keywords:
Intermediality – Visualization – Artistic activism – Responsiveness – Interdisciplinarity – Conceptualization – Self-biographical image.


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