Code: ΕΠ 858

Semester: 8

ECTS: 18

Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Elpida Karaba, Anastasia Douka, Maria Paschalidou, Ioulia Pentazou, Konstantinos Kalantzis, Elisavet Kiourtsoglou, Marios Chatziprokopiou

Course description

The Thesis is the culmination of the basic studies in the Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries and is the final complete presentation of a study topic. Its subject falls within the scholarly subjects of the Department.

The Thesis, prepared by a student, is the intellectual property of the Ιnstitution. Its subject cannot be part of programs and requirements of institutions or participation in competitions.

The course is mainly based on independent study where students work directly with the supervising advisor-professor of their program to develop and complete their education.


The elaboration of the thesis is done under the supervision of at least one faculty member of the Department and is presented before a three-member committee. The three-member committee is appointed by the Assembly of the Department and consists of the supervisor and two more faculty members of the Department or the University of Thessaly with a relevant disciplinary field on the subject of the thesis. The committee accepts and grants or rejects the work. The student is responsible for periodically informing the supervising faculty member about the progress of the thesis. Upon completion of the thesis, the students submit it to the secretariat of the Department and present it before the committee, in a public presentation, during the three examination periods of each academic year.