Narratives and Post-Industrial Design I

Code: ΕΡ 330

Semester: 3


Elisavet Kiourtsoglou

Teaching Assistants: Apostolos Kordas, Eva Repouskou

Course description

With the depletion of natural resources, the globalized economy and the advent of artificial intelligence, the industrial object and its production and marketing cycle are being transformed. The identity of the designers themselves is changing: individuals, small local associations, pop-up shops and start-up companies promoting new objects and services, establishing a direct relationship between the creator and the buying public, combining pre-industrial handmade creation with the automated post-industrial structure of communication services. All this, while the narratives of the designers themselves on social media coexist with detailed instructions on how to make anything with your own hands (do it yourself).

The course will delve into two widely accessible frameworks of creating and using the industrial object: Food and clothing.

The workshop takes as its starting point Barthes’ analysis of food and fashion as systems that characterize every culture, and whose signs we can interpreted. Through these two channels of reading of the industrial object, students will investigate the relationship between the local and the global, the new codes of ethical construction with the conditions of general environmental crisis, and the relationship between the designer and the user.

Within the course there will be references to anthropological approaches to food and clothing, around which all assignments will be organized.
During the semester students will experiment with the creation of three-dimensional objects through scale models.



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