Narrative Techniques

Code: ΕΠ 125

Semester: 1,3



Course description

Addressing the pivotal role of narratives in contemporary culture (in artistic expression, social sciences, creative industries, and politics), this course introduces students to main concepts of narrative theory ( distinction between author and narrator, point of view and focalization, narrative temporalities etc.), and to the historical evolution of narrative theories and practices, while it hones critical tools of reading -and potentially using- the recent ‘narrative turn’.


At the same time, the course familiarizes students with a broad spectrum of narrative techniques and literary genres, and it explores the visual and audiovisual dimensions of narratives as they unfold through different media. The theoretical examination of the above is interwoven with specific examples/ case studies from the Greek and global literature and art, which are analyzed by the students through the point of view of narratology. Specific emphasis is given to the narrative trajectories and transformations of the same story through different means.


Last, but not least, this course introduces students to the practice of narrative itself: the specific theme of each unit is further investigated by the students through exercises of creative writing.




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