Moral Issues, Legal Dimensions, Copyrights

Code: ΕΠ 593

Semester: 5, 7


Christos Mais

Course description

The course concerns the presentation and analysis of the basic concepts of intellectual property (e.g., copyright, related rights, common property) so that they are considered by the student both in the production and in the reuse of cultural products. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and understanding of both the legislation governing cultural production and reproduction. A second aspect of the course concerns the Commons and its reflection on intellectual property issues. Creative Commons licenses and Open Access policies are analyzed. In addition, the course deals with the ethical dimensions and implications in terms of uses and the production of cultural products, e.g., when conducting and using interviews in the press or in documentaries. Finally, the course explores issues of censorship and how it evolves both in the context of different societies and political systems and in the contemporary history of states such as 20th century Greece, but also how its use and application changed from the analog to the digital era.



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