Introduction to Entrepreneurship (MOKE)

Code: ΕΠ 561

Semester: 5, 7


Course description

The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with the modern social and economic reality of business and to develop corresponding creativity, communication and leadership skills.


The course analyzes issues such as: what is entrepreneurship and business, obligations of business, analysis of social needs and trends, investigation of business opportunities, development of business ideas, methods of creative thinking, intangible industrial property, participation and management.


Students learn experientially by applying in practice all the processes from the search and conception of the business idea, to the evaluation, its change and its presentation to prospective partners and/or investors.

During the course, apart from the lectures:


  • case studies are used which are the subject of presentation and discussion during the lectures
  • students visit businesses related to their subjects of study and their interests,
  • lectures by entrepreneurs are held,
  • meetings are organized with mentors from the local business community
  • students develop business plans in groups of 4-7 members, with the advisory guidance and support of the support group or members of the business community.


The course is offered by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Thessaly (MOKE).