Performance and Literature

Code: ΕΠ 226

Semester: 2,4


Marios Chatziprokopiou

Course description

This course explores literature as a performative event through a historical, theoretical and practical perspective. We examine the performative dimensions of oral narratives (from traditional songs and fairy-tales to contemporary performance poetry), while studying the relationships and interactions between writing and the performing arts. At the same time, students become familiar with approaches of literary texts from the perspective of contemporary performance and performativity theories, with a particular focus on issues of embodiment and social identities. Finally, critical reading of literary and theoretical texts is interwoven with experiments in writing, montage, and live voicing of speech, emphasizing the polyphonic dimension of speaking and looking at writing as a palimpsest. Crucial in this course is the notion of metamorphosis: both as a literary subject and as a poetic methodology.



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