Video art and post-production

Code: ΕΡ 483

Semester: 4


Maria Paschalidou

Teaching Assistant: Apostolos Kordas

Course description

This laboratory course examines reality as a construction through video art and its practices. It emphasizes on the digital imagery, its symbolism and fiction by analysing digitalities that compose contemporary video art and post-cinema. Students get familiar with video as a medium of artistic creation and research while are introduced to basic concepts of digital moving image and audio processing, such as non-linear storytelling, time variations, transformation and digital interventions. Through a series of practical exercises, they acquire technical skills that support the understanding of post-production, as a critical process of designing, conceptualizing, developing and visualizing concepts and artistic statements. The goal is to experiment with digital interventions through fundamental editing tools.

Course Keywords:
Motion Picture Design and Capture – Digital Video Editing – Non-linear Narrative – Transformation – Video Performance – Video Art and Digital Audio – Video Essays and video poetry


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