Brand Identity Design

Code: ΕΠ 546

Semester: 5,7


Apostolos Kordas

Course description

The course seeks to develop design processes and practices in the design and development of Corporate Identity.

The course content aims to approach the structure and operation of the Corporate Identity, in order to study its design. It also methods the knowledge required for the gradual deepening in the wider field, as well as for the solution of design problems.

Particular emphasis is placed on the principles of Visual Literacy and its use for decoding and message output. Extensive reference is made to the basic principles of syntax and anatomy of the visual message, to the basic elements of visual communication, as well as to communication strategies.

The course aims to highlight the role of communication in different media and to cultivate the intention to present a legible and design-wise flawless final draft and reasoned choices.

It is also sought to develop the critical ability of his or her student, in order to select “answers” corresponding to the medium of projection, depending on the topic and in relation to the field research he has conducted.

Within the workshop, students develop knowledge acquisition skills, in order to continue in greater depth, the study of graphic design and their integration into different environments required by each corporate identity to conduct communication.
Analysis and practical applications are made in relation to the role of communication, through the design of a logo – corporate identity logo, advertising leaflet and other means of promotion.

The design of the proposals includes the detailed process of management and promotion of the Corporate Identity at the stage of analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation.



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