Communication and Media Studies

Code: ΕΠ 694

Semester: 6, 8


Dana Pachristou

Course description

Organized in thematic units, this elective course is an introduction to the media of mass communication and their historical development. Emphasis is placed on audiovisual practices involving a wider range of media, such as television and radio narrative, interactive platforms and the digital media of contemporary journalism. A historical-comparative approach is taken to individual case studies, in order to highlight in more detail the role played by the media in the modern public sphere and in the production of discourse in regards to experienced reality. Means and codes of mass communication connecting it with society and propaganda are explored. Basic theories for the analysis of the mass media (philosophy, semiology, sociology, anthropology) are introduced. Emphasis is also placed on the intermediate and multimedia narratives of new technologies that shape mass communication both in the physical space and in the virtual internet.




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3. Journals:

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